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FORMULA734 documents a group of intergenerational African American Hip-Hop artist and musicians brought together by the Washtenaw County charter of “My Brothers Keeper” to collaborate on an Hip-Hop album. Through a shared interest in music these African American men speak freely as they share their ideas, their views, and their fears. Viewers will get a rare glimpse of the openness and vulnerability that developed in the wake of this shared experience. - VIEW TRAILER


Director/Editor; Frederic M Culpepper


In 2015 a pair of Barbers in Ypsilanti. Michigan, a town 30 miles west of Detroit, started a program: Read to your barber • Get a haircut • Get a two dollar refund.

In this documentary Andrew Sacks explore an effort by a group of barbers to improve their young customers’ literacy and appreciation of the written word. Low tech but high concept, there are no tablets, apps, or software.

Just a shelf of books, a 25 minute haircut appointment, and an adult who truly cares.

What a concept! Spend some time with us in a few barbershops, and schools to see how it all works.  -  VIEW HERE


Director: Andrew Sacks - Big Red Hen Films

Producer/Cinematographer: Frederic M Culpepper


A profile of Ypsilanti Michigan's Brown Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church.   -  VIEW HERE


Director: Frederic M Culpepper

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