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Step by Step: French Dukes

Precision Drill Team of Ann Arbor, Michigan
Directed by Frederic M. Culpepper

This film is made possible through the support of the Ann Arbor Public Library.

This film will be a captivating documentary that unveils the inspiring journey of this remarkable African American precision drill team. From their humble beginnings to becoming a symbol of unity and pride in their community, discover the heartwarming stories, challenges, and triumphs that have shaped this dynamic group as they continue to make their mark through the art of precision drill.

Your participation would mean a great deal to us, as we endeavor to immortalize the impactful legacy of "The French Dukes African American Precision Drill Team.” The perspective of those familiar with the French Dukes story is invaluable to the narrative we are crafting for the film. Individuals willing to be interviews on camera to share their stories can complete the form below. If necessary we are open to arranging remote interviews at your convenience.

We are also collecting photos to include in the documentary. If you have any photo to share that will be scanned and returned to the owner.

January 20th at the downtown branch of the Ann Arbor District Library. AADL will be hosting “Step It Up! The French Dukes: A Celebration, Performance, and Reading”. Creative Fluidity will be on location conducting interviews. If you willing to be interviewed please complete the form below and a representative from the production team  will contact you to schedule your interview.

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